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Right to a return

Right of return. In case of any true defect or difference from the product the consumer ordered, the buyer has the following rights without any personal charge: (a) repair of the product or (b) replacement or (c) withdrawal from sale.

The following conditions are fulfilled in order for the buyer to be free from any financial burden and to be able to change the product:

• The order is incorrect, if the customer does not receive the type of product he ordered, if the quantity is incorrect, if it is defective or in damaged packaging.
• In the above cases the buyer must inform the store immediately by receiving the product at +30 210 6838570 or at e-mail and make clear the problem of the specific purchase.
• It is necessary to return all original accompanying documents, labels and proof of purchase with the product.
• Returns are made through the postal company that cooperates with the store. The financial burden is on the store.
• If the received product by the consumer does not correspond to its order, it should not be used and must shipped back in its packaging in the condition received, without any damage or imitation.

Right of withdrawal

The consumer has the right of withdrawal for any reason left unsatisfied, within 14 calendar days of receipt of the goods. There is no extra expense except return shipping costs, since the product is in its original condition. Once the right of withdrawal is exercised, the supplier is forced to refund the amount paid by the buyer within 30 calendar days.

The following conditions must be fulfilled for the purpose of being accomplished consumer's right of withdrawal:

• No changes are made to items that have been modified upon customer's order or in special orders.

• The product must be unharmed and unworn beyond the test, as received. To identify that it is in its original condition the check will be carried out by the store.

• All product backing documents, such as the guarantee and the proof of purchase, are returned.

• Product labels should not have been damaged.

• The product is shipped in exactly the same package as received.

• In case the products are returned damaged or incomplete the shop has the right to refuse the refund.